How to Use Google Analytics to Boost Your SEO

How to Use Google Analytics to Boost Your SEO

By Admin - May 13, 2018 - 408 Views

One of the most useful tools you can use to boost your SEO is Google Analytics. Analytics can give you a lot of data related to the performance of your website. Among other things, you can use it to discover areas that need to be improved, areas that are working better than others and areas that need your immediate attention.

If you are new to SEO and website management, you will find the features of Google Analytics very useful and soon enough it will become one of your favorite tools. If you are using Analytics for a while, it’s time to refresh your knowledge and utilize the power of it’s reports to boost your website’s SEO.

Benefits from Using Google Analytics

Without having Google Analytics installed on your website it’s like driving with your eyes closed.

Analytics will tell you many things about your website including:

  • How much traffic you receive and from where these users are coming
  • What pages they visit and how long they spend on each page
  • Which pages they visit before they exit
  • Which buttons get more clicks and what they do next
  • Which portion of your traffic converts (performs an action that you want them to do)
  • How many users are on mobile, tablets or desktops
  • Where your users are located (countries) and what software they use to browse your website

These are just a few questions that analytics’ reports can answer. More advanced users can take it a step further and do customer segmentation, run experiments and a bunch of other things that the powerful Analytics platform provides to marketers.

The purpose of this post is not to cover all Analytics features but to explain how to use the provided data to come up with actions that can improve your SEO.

It’s worth mentioning that Analytics is a product of Google and it is free to use on any website or mobile application.

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